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Software Features

Quizwave is providing you so many features to create online exams/quiz/test and generate grades, reports automatically. Quizwave has been created to render services to schools, colleges and organizations as well whether you are a student, teacher, university professor, company HR, or a government organization representative.

  • Online Tests (Exam Mode, Practice Mode)
  • Automatic Grading & Certification System
  • Graphical Results Reporting Representation
  • Candidate Management, Score setting
  • Branding, White label, Embed Quiz, Bulk upload, Time Limits, Security
  • Question per page, Score setting , Question Shuffle
  • Question Bank
  • Themes (MED/IIT/GATE)
Quizwave Quizwave
Online Tests (Exam Mode, Practice Mode)
By using Quizwave, you can create tests in exam & practice mode both, which means you can create tests and take online exams of your students or else you can create a test for practice or testing their knowledge as well.
Automatic Grading & Certification System
Quizwave saves your extra efforts & time by doing automatic grading the quizzes & making the results quickly available for quiz taker (learner\students) & you both. For all the quizzes with objective type questions such as multiple choices, check boxes, Fill in the Blanks, True False questions & so on automatic grading is available.
Graphical Results Reporting Representation
Graphical Results Reporting Representation; it is a visual display of the data via graphs & charts in brief or you can say it is the method to generate & represent the results/reports graphically or in graphs. Thus, Quizwave has a feature where you can get the graphs for representative summary report of the quizzes you will be creating.
Candidate Management
Candidate management means here as the registration of the students over the software. There’s option for registering student in a particular class, course etc so this will make your work easy to while assigning a specific quiz to a specific class or course(if you don’t want to make your quiz public or accessible to anybody randomly).
Score setting
Score setting is for setting marks in the quizzes, in Quizwave you can set marks on each question individually, you can set a particular mark for every question or you can set total marks over the quiz so the software will divide the marks on every question equally. Also there’s option for negative marking.
Branding, White label
A brand is the name or the logo of a business. Nevertheless, a brand is not just a logo or a visual image of a company’s name; it is something which represents the whole company’s wellness and goodwill in the society. Thus, Quizwave also provides the branding & white label feature to their clients/customer so that they can put their own logo or model number over it and can use it in their own way.
Embed Quiz
Quizwave is providing the feature of embed quiz which means you can embed our quizzes to your own website/platform/software just through a code. With this you don’t have to bring your students to our software/platform; they can take the exam/quiz over your website only.
Bulk uploads
Through this bulk uploads feature you can create n number of questions in question bank, also we are providing a unique thing in it, that is you can also create quiz directly through bulk uploads.
Time Limits
In Quizwave you can create the quiz with time limit, so that the quiz taker has to finish the exam/quiz with the given time limit. In Quizwave you can set the time limit with two types either for each & every question or for the whole quiz.
Quizwave is 100% secured software, as it has been created in a secured framework, all the data in it is saved in encrypted form. All the data, quizzes, modules in the software is fully protected with the passwords against any kind of unauthorized access.
Question Bank
Question bank includes questions in bulk so whenever you need to create quiz in easy way & short time you can segregate the accumulated question as per your selected topic which will make your work so easy without any extra efforts.
Quizwave includes four themes in it which means you can create quizzes in Default, Professional, IIT, GATE & Medical theme as per your requirement.